Voor een betaalbaar en Duurzaam (t)huis

In Nederland kun je gerust spreken van een wooncrisis! Er is een enorm tekort aan woningen en elk jaar loopt dit op. Er is nauwelijks sociale én vrije sector huur en de doorstroming stokt. Veel mensen vallen tussen wal en schip. Hun perspectief is niet hoopgevend. Daarnaast wordt er nauwelijks innovatief gebouwd met duurzame, natuurlijke materialen waardoor er onnodig veel CO2 uitstoot plaatsvindt.

Meer betaalbare en duurzame huurwoningen aangevuld met een betere doorstroming is de smeerolie voor de woningmarkt. Via de unieke Sustay-methode is het mogelijk de hoogst haalbare waarde voor grond- & gebouweigenaren, bewoners en omgeving aan te bieden. Ontwikkelaar Sustay werkt aan de markt van vandaag én de wereld van morgen. Dit lukt door het toevoegen van meer betaalbare huurwoningen, innovatief in te zetten op een duurzamere wereld en het, mede door goede doorstroming, daadwerkelijk creëren van een thuis voor iedereen.


You want a job with impact. At an employer where you can make a difference. Deloitte is such an employer. With over 7,000 people in 15 offices across the Netherlands, Deloitte is one of the largest providers of professional services in the areas of accountancy, tax advisory, consultancy, risk management and financial advisory. We can only do this if the best people choose us. Students with a broad view, who work in multidisciplinary teams on challenging assignments and thereby enrich their knowledge and experience. Our aim is that our various activities have as much community impact as possible. Let’s connect for impact.

Never stop growing
At Deloitte you will learn every day. Whether it’s from the complex work you do or the people you collaborate with. And you will be supported to achieve your ambitions your way, wherever your future lies.

Be the true you
We want you. The true you, with your own strengths, perspective and personality. You will work in an environment where everyone belongs, is supported and heard, and is empowered to make a valuable, personal contribution.

Passion for purpose
Making an impact is more than just what we do: it’s why we’re here. We’re driven to create positive progress for our clients, people and society. This sense of purpose is shared by every one of our people. It makes us proud.

As a consultant at Deloitte you work together with the customer on solutions for complex challenges. You provide the client with new ideas, to ensure you are always one step ahead of them. By working closely with your colleagues, you continuously learn and you develop into an experienced specialist.

Financial Advisory
Financial Advisory is the business area to work for as finance or real estate consultant. We specialize in helping organizations with mergers & acquisitions, management buy-outs and finance projects. Employee benefits, financial due diligence and real estate advisory are also our profession.

Tax & Legal
Tax & Legal makes the work of people in tax and legal departments at our clients more efficient and effective. They spend a large part of the day collecting and interpreting information and often work with outdated or sub-optimal methods. You will improve those processes by using the newest technologies.

As an accountant at Deloitte you work for many different clients and industries. You continuously develop your adaptability, communications and analysis. This keeps your work challenging. One thing is certain: you will not find a more varied work environment than our audit practice anywhere else.

Risk Advisory
Within Risk Advisory, we see risk as a potential to grow and improve business performance. You enable organizations to use risk management to become more agile. Together with your colleagues, you will create value by managing risks in the most efficient way.

Within (internal) Support you work on building and maintaining the reputation of Deloitte, HR back office, ICT, administration and much more. Do you like a vertical and horizontal growth curve? Are you interested in the advantages that a large organization has to offer? Then our (internal) Support organization is your place to be.

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