Eindhoven Development Tour (including free diner)

Wanneer donderdag 31 maart 2022
Tijd 16:00 - 20:30

FRESH, SERVICE and Capital FIT are joining forces to bring you a fantastic event on Thursday the 31st of March!

In the booming city of Eindhoven, located in the south of the Netherlands, Capital FIT will show us how the world of real estate investment and area development are intertwined. We will do so by visiting the Sectie C-location with them, a former industrial park of 6 hectares at the eastern edge of the city of Eindhoven. Up to 2007 it was used by Stork as a manufacturing location to produce city lanterns and road signs. Similar to the already gentrified Strijp S-area, it is now buzzing with a new kind of energy due to the more than 250 creative entrepreneurs located here. One of Capital FIT closest development/investment clients, Focus Real Estate, acquired the location in 2019. Although the raw and edgy character is to be cherished, the buildings desperately need renovation. To cover these costs, Focus Real Estate want to add 800 – 1000 residential units to the location whilst also adding public services like schools and more restaurants. The Sectie-C location will be Eindhoven next it-neighboorhoud.

Capital FIT has asked Focus Real Estate to tell us more about the plans for Sectie C and give us a short tour. Capital FIT will highlight how they can support Focus Real Estate in the execution of their plans. We will end the event with a dinner at one of the local restaurants at Sectie C sponsored by Capital FIT during which time is reserved for meeting the professionals of Capital FIT and Focus Real Estate in an informal manner. Transport by taxi will be arranged for those who will attend the event and do not live in Eindhoven; we will gather at 16.00 in front of Central Station Eindhoven and return at approximately 20.30.

In order to attend, please fill out both the Google Form below and administer yourself using the button in the top right of this page. As the places are limited, you are asked to share your resume during the application procedure to make a selection when required. 


More detail about the event sponsor Capital FIT is provide below or can be found on the website: www.capital-fit.com. We hope to see you on the 31st of March!

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